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A part of my heart is tinged with sadness as we near the time to bid farewell to this year’s Ramadan. Pretty soon the last ten days of Ramadan will become the last five. The last four will become the last three and the last two…And the last. The month of forgiveness, the month of illuminating the hearts, the month to compensate our past sins, the month wherein lies a night which is better than a thousand months, the blessed month of all is fast approaching the end. We don’t know who among us will be fortunate to able to return to this holy month again next year.


Alongside the sadness, a part of my heart is excited for Eid. Eid, the joyous day for Muslims to show gratitude for the health, strength and the opportunities of life to fulfill our obligation of fasting and other good deeds during the blessed month of Ramadan. I am also thrilled to introduce my friend Farrukh Sadab of Cubes N Juliennes.  As the Muslims in the US will be celebrating Eid next Monday, and this being the last Tuesday this Ramadan, Farrukh is my grand finale guest of the Ramadan series this year.

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Bhuna khichuri | Copyright © With A Spin


It’s been raining a lot lately.  When it pours on the outside with dark cloud surrounding the environment, Bengalis crave for kichuri. A piping hot plate of khichuri is just what the heart desires when a Bengali come home soaked from the rains. Some Tagore songs on the background, and a quick nap if someone can squeeze it in is the definition of a classic rainy day for Bengalis.


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Stuffed spicy Okra | Copyright © With A Spin


Is the heart only a throbbing mass of muscle or does the state of your heart decide what the brain is going to decide – to believe or to disbelieve, to understand and to comprehend, to have tranquility or to feel confused?  The brain works its wonder with the millions of millions of nerve cells and the heart is pumping blood to all the body parts.  It is in our heart where the center of mind, our soul lies.  Without the soul, there is no life.

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Pakora | Copyright © With A Spin


If you have been following me for a while you know deep-frying is my least favorite method of cooking. I try to bake everything, from samosas to falafel to fried chicken and everything in between.  Then, there’s this fried lasagna fritters in my head that I have been meaning to try out for a while now.


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Berry mango Smoothie | With A Spin


Let’s give Hasna of Kachuss Delights a very welcome today as she gracefully blogs here at With a Spin.  Would you believe looking at her photos that she only has been an owner of DSLR only for a month?


I am so excited to introduce Hasna to all of you.  She brings us a healthy recipe that can double duty as a drink or a dessert.  I am so glad that she decided to bring over something that the fasting children will absolutely love.  We often prepare our Ramadan menu to please the adult taste buds but it is absolutely important to select our Ramadan menu that pleases the kids who are fasting as well.  Let’s turn to Hasna to learn a little about her and her exceptionally delicious summer recipe.


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Rose lemonade | Copyright © With A Spin


A rose is a rose…is a rose. Right? Nope. A rose is a rose, yes…but it is definitely not just a rose. It is a gardeners delight, a respite to our sights and the quintessential flower of romances. Hence, I welcome each of you to this virtual iftar potluck with a refreshing rose beverage.

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