Tale Of An Ugly Beet – All Natural Red Velvet Cupcake


Red velvet cupcake | With A Spin


I saw an ugly beetroot and couldn’t resist the urge to transform it to something beautiful. That’s where the journey began!  I brought the ugly beet home and butchered it.  Inside, it wasn’t as ugly as from the outside.  The vibrant magenta-red actually looked pretty good.


With the red velvet craze that’s going on these days, I have been thinking of baking one for a while but with a natural dye and minus the cocoa factor (hubby and I are not big fan of chocolate, can you believe that?). I am not too enthusiast about using spoons full of potentially dangerous food color for the sake of having a red cake. Though I didn’t think I was going to turn the ugly beet to a cake like item, it surely opened up the door to give the red cake try. Instead of baking a cake, I opted for cupcakes.

Beet Cupcake | With A Spin

When I served the cupcakes, the first reaction was disbelief. It has a moist and light texture and doesn’t taste like beet at all!

Few important points to achieve the vibrant color for these cupcakes I must mention.  Beet tends to go brown when baked for longer periods of time. After doing some research, I’ve discovered that beet retains the luscious red in an acidic environment.  A bit of lemon juice does the trick. Vinegar would work too, but I prefer freshly squeezed, good old lemon juice.


Red velvet Muffin | With A Spin


Oh, yes, I don’t like frosting either so I didn’t add any.  If you cannot have cupcakes without filling, feel free to add buttercream frosting(or any other of your liking), should be a fail proof combination. These are one of those cupcakes that go well without frosting too.

Looks can be deceiving.  Though I had hard time falling in love at the first sight, I do see the beauty of the ugly beet and I can definitely incorporate more into my cooking. I think I am actually loving the potential beet has. Stay tuned for more beet recipes in the future.


All Natural Red velvet cupcake | With A Spin

Also, I am entering this recipe to BakeFest#12 @ FunAndFoodCafe created by Vardhini of Cook’s Joy.


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  1. Lisa Wiliams says

    This ‘ugly beet’ cupcakes sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it on my 8 yr old! One queston, does it matter what type of oil used? I usually keep on hand canola or olive oil.

    • says

      I have not personally used these two oils on this recipe. You may give it a try but the recipe may need adjustment or may not yield the same result. Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you around again. If you do try the recipe with avocado oil or coconut oil, do let me know how the cupcakes turn out for you.