Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch Dads Can Easily Prepare

Sesame-Poppy puff with sauteed mushroom

Howdy, all the Dads and the dads-to-be.  Do you know mother’s day is coming up in about a week?  Are you planning to make some wonderful breakfast in the comfort of your home so you can relax and enjoy the morning with the family or are you planning on taking out the wonderful woman your kiddo(s) call “mom” to an overly crowded restaurant, wait forever to get a table, test the kid(s) patience while waiting and potentially ruin the day.  If you belong to the former group, I’ve got an elegant yet easy to make breakfast or bunch idea for you to wow that special person in your life.

Sesame-Poppy puff with sauteed mushroom-2

Now, dads, the steps to make the puff pastry breakfast are super easy and you’ll easily find the ingredients at your favorite grocery store without any issue.  You don’t need to make puff pastry dough from scratch to impress, you just need to pick up some from the store.  Don’t forget to pick up a card for the “mom” and one for your own “mom” when you are out and about.

Sesame-Poppy puff with sauteed mushroom

For all the super dads out there, if you have already planned one grand breakfast, even if it is just bagel and cream cheese and a flower in bed(I am sure the “mom” will equally be thrilled at the effort), I would love to know your plan.  I promise, I will not ruin the surprise.

Sesame-Poppy puff with sauteed mushroom 3

All the Moms and moms-to-be, if the father of your child(ren) needs a hint that you don’t particularly enjoy a crowded restaurant for Mother’s Day breakfast find a way to keep this screen up and get the dad to notice.  Hopefully, he’ll get a clue.

I am submitting this to Vardhini’s BAKE FEST hosted by Archana of Tangy Minds and Jagruti’s Celebrate – Love for Mum also hosted by Archana of Tangy Minds.




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  1. says

    Thanks for stopping by my website so that I could find yours. Love this idea of our hubbies and kids making us breakfast in bed. I will send them your link straight away so they can get going on the planning. Happy mum’s day to you. Take Care, BAM

    • says

      Thank you for stopping by Bam. I hope your hubby and the kids treat you just the way you want on mother’s day. Happy mother’s day to you, too. Hugs.

  2. says

    Looks like you are already preparing your husband :) I LOVE anything with puff pastry and these are so easy to make! I am sure all dads can make it even if they never enter the kitchen.

    • says

      Oh Kankana, after knowing him for almost half my life and being married for 11 years, I hope I do not have to prep him for what I want :)

      I love how versatile puff pastries can be. An essential in my freezer.