Savory Oatmeal Cookie With Nigella Seeds

Oatmeal Savory Cookie 4

I hate to throw away food.  I’m usually the only one at work lunches who maybe asking for a to go box.  By now, most of my coworkers know that I do not like to waste food and some of them are actually inspired by it.  BUT….I have a confession to make.


Oatmeal Savory Cookie 3

There have been little too many batches of burnt cookies in my life.  Needless to say all those batches needed to march towards the trashcan.  My mom has never been a fan of the idea of me cooking.  Therefore, I wasn’t allowed to cook during my teen years but I could bake once in a while.  While I had baked great cakes often, I haven’t tamed cookie baking until recently.

Oatmeal Savory Cookie 1

Last fall, to be exact.  After all those burnt cookies during my teen years, I haven’t baked cookies until last fall…and..voila!!  Hubby loved them and slowly I regained my confidence.

Oatmeal Savory Cookie 2

These oatmeal cookies are not your sugar rich usual oatmeal cookies.  These are savory with a slight hint of sugar flavored with cardamom and nigella seeds.  The nigella seeds become aromatic during the baking process giving a slightly peppery and smoky flavor when you bite on a piece of the seed in the cookie.  I can munch on them all day long.  You’ll have to bake a batch and savor these delectable and healthy cookies to know how good these are.




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  1. says

    Lail: What gorgeous pictures!!! Judging by your description and ingredients, these cookies are kind of coffee cookies because they are not sweet. I love the fact that they have cardamom, one of my favorite spices.

  2. says

    Looks so good! I have been looking for what people call “nonta biscuits” in Bangladesh. I will give this a try once I have some time. Quick question, do you powdered the oatmeal yourself? And if I were to use ready made cardamom powder, how much should I use?

    • says

      Thanks, Hana. I just used rolled oats and powdered in the food processor. I’ve never bought cardamom powder so I am not sure about the intensity of flavor in the packaged powder. However, I would think about 1/4 teaspoon should be a good start. Hope this helps.

      As for your other question, I think “nonta biscuit” is called what you said, nonta biscuit :) Are you asking about nankhatai?

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    Thank you for visit my blogso we can share our yummy recipe from now on,nice to meet you here,Btw the oatmeal cookies looks yummy and stunning:)

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    Love your savoury cookies and I am happy you mastered cookie baking! These are good for you in more than one way, especially with the addition of nigella seeds. I love the cardamom too.


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    These were the best cookies!!!! My absolutely favorite cookie is an oatmeal raisin cookie but I had never made them before in my life. I always go with chocolate chip cookies b/c that’s what everyone always asks for. I am in love. I whipped up 2 batches to give away for Christmas gifts and made a batch for myself! I baked mine at 325 for about 12 minutes. I also stirred in 1 tsp of cinnamon in with the dry ingredients. Thanks so much for posting!