Tangy Shrimp & Mango Salad

Tangy mango & shrimp salad-3

Do you like mango?  Do you like shrimp?  Do you like salad?  If you do, wait no more, you have the perfect recipe in front of you.  For others, I have nothing to say but ask to give this a try ….  If you are vegetarian or allergic to shrimp, the salad is still delicious with out the added protein.


I used to travel to New York every week, for work, for about 9 months, couple of years ago.  My office was in two locations, one just next door to Madison Square Garden and the other close to NYU.  And, my hotel in the heart of Times Square.  I know, foodies heaven, right?


Oh! The endless choices of food!  From the carts, to tucked away cozy small restaurants, to the big and expensive ones.  You name it and you will have no problem finding what you fancy.

Sweet and sour dressing


While on the road, I pretty much lived on salads and seafood.  When I discovered this shrimp and mango salad at a cozy Thai restaurant, I made sure I have the fix at least once before leaving the city.  Light, refreshing, low in calorie.  Above all, the taste!  A medley of sweet, savory, sour, tangy flavors jumbled up together in a harmonious way.

Tangy mango & shrimp salad-2


Once I finished the project in NYC, I had to experiment a bit and recall the taste to make the dressing at home.  It’s few simple ingredients usually found in most kitchens.  After a few taste test and tries, this simple and invigorating salad dressing is a keeper in my refrigerator for hot summer days years after years without having to take an almost 4 hour flight :)









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  1. says

    I love every single ingredient in your recipe. :) Nothing better than enjoying a bowl of refreshing salad in this hot weather. Your salad is gorgeously presented too.

  2. says

    NYC is a great place – I used to work in Manhattan years ago. I don’t miss the hectic pace, but I do miss all the great food. Anyway, really nice salad – nice flavors, and quite healthy. Good stuff – thanks.

  3. Juliana says

    Looks delicious you salad…great dressing, and I love the mango in it…very colorful salad.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  4. says

    I’m so sad our mango season is over for another year. I really miss cooking with mangoes that are so good in salads. I love the look of this salad – so refreshing xx

  5. says

    How could I miss to comment on a gorgeous salad with mango? Love the little bit of heat from jalapeno and chili flakes in the tangy dressing.