Exotic Iced Tea

Iced tea

It was a beautiful evening and a great ambiance.  A small street side café, full of greens all around giving an outdoorsy feel in the porch corner we were sitting.  Live sitar playing inside with spicy samosas and an unlimited re-fill of spiced tea.  A perfect environment to catch up with an old friend and that’s what we did.  We forgot about time and didn’t keep count of the number of cups of tea.

Iced green tea

That was probably the first and last time I ever had more than half a cup of regular tea or “chai” as some call it.  Throughout the sleepless night, I complained to my husband that the restaurant must have added some kinds of drugs in the tea, but to my dismay he disagreed.  When inquired with the friend next day, he also disregarded my complaint.  After that incident, I permanently turned towards herbal and green tea.  I can tolerate the lower amount of caffeine in green tea and often make me a cup.

Exotic green tea

I particularly love iced tea and my favorite is cardamom infused green tea with rose-water, honey and a hint of saffron.  Fragrant, flavorful and so fun to sip away.  How refreshing and exotic is that?  If you are more of the hot tea lover, it’s great when hot as well.  I suppose, this will taste as great with regular tea instead of green tea if that’s your cup of tea.

Green tea with cardamom, rosewater and saffron

How would you take yours?  Hot or cold?  Green or regular tea?



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  1. says

    Tea lover here! A `regular hot cup of tea` indian style is a must for me to kick off my day..The green and iced ones can follow later during the day :) . Liked the idea of adding saffron and rosewater.

  2. says

    I love tea, black with mint or sage, green with mint or jasmin and iced with spices.I have never tried it with rosewater and cardamom, what an enchanting combination. Can’t wait to give this a try

  3. says

    Hey there! I am a tea lover. I drink it quite often and I always prefer to have tea leaves to tea bags. Your recipe seems very interesting! I will sure give it a try.

    I enjoy drinking Green tea in the afternoon. Gunpowder tea is indeed a favorite, but in the mornings I usually drink a cup of Earl Grey tea to get me started. Have you ever tried it? It’s so fragrant and the flavor is wonderful!

    I will try this recipe soon and let you know how it went. You should also try making Thai Iced Tea :)

    Keep posting!