Chicken Dopeyaja – Always a winner

Chicken dopiyaza by With A Spin

We have been rejected as a family.  Multiple times in the last 4 weeks.  By who?  Nannies that we’ve been interviewing.

It took us about two weeks to find a good one the last two times we’ve had to go through this grueling process.  This time it’s taking forever, I suppose, because all the good ones are taken for the summer.  A few from the leftovers that we liked didn’t like us.  The first one because we told her we have camera in the house and our way to discipline R is not by hitting her.  She told me in her 12 years of nanny career no one told her not to “hit a child”.  Another, because we have a strict “no TV” policy for our daughter and according to the nanny the kids from her last family watched TV all day long which made her day easy.  She can’t take “no TV”.  Go figure.

Chicken dopiyaza by With A Spin

It gets even more interesting!!  One wants to do her errands on our time and take my daughter to the mall every day.  When I told her only my brother(when he visits us) is allowed to drive R around besides her parents, she immediately ended the interview telling me she has to go out everyday so walking in the neighborhood and taking R to the park is not enough.  Am I wrong to feel like screaming and pulling out all my hair(whatever of it is left)?


The emergency backup care service days Ali and I have from work is fast disappearing.  It’s a great benefit but doesn’t work for us much because we’ve been getting a different person each week, and it takes almost 3-4 days for R to get used to a new person.  R’s separation anxiety is a little higher than average because her dad travels every week.  This means, I’ve been having to take a lot of breaks, during the day, to calm her down and catching up with work at night which takes away all my night hours allocated for the blog.

Chicken dopeyaja by With A Spin

I’m trying to get few posts scheduled this weekend but my responses may still be delayed.  As much as I love to spend time on the blog, I hope you understand my tardiness, as my priority these days is to regain my little angel’s sense of security.  In the meantime, enjoy this family favorite chicken dopeyaja.

Dopeyaja means double onions.  This lip smacking curry is prepared with lots and lots of onions.  Raw onion is prepared in two ways(minced and thinly sliced) and used in two stages in the curry, hence the name.  I hope you enjoy this flavorful, creamy, luscious curry as much as my family does.  The curry is great with tortilla, naan or rice.  Always a winner!

Chicken dopeyaza by With A Spin

Thank you for allowing me to rant and being there for me.  Thank you for sharing some of your experiences through your comments and the personal notes.  It’s amazing how similar some of our stories are.  It’s even more interesting to learn about the struggles we go through to take the decisions, we take, as we face life.  Take care my friends.





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  1. Sugar et al says

    Sorry to read about this, my friend. It is difficult to find peace of mind unless the children are settled. The curry looks fabulous…look at the colour!! I hope the dark clouds pass away for you soon. Take Care:-)

  2. says

    So sorry you are having such difficulty finding a nanny! But it’s important to get the right person, and I’m sure you will. Great looking chicken! Love all the flavors in this dish. Good stuff – thanks.

  3. says

    looks so yummy… I really understand your concern, Lail… being a working mother of two, I have had to encounter this but I know that very soon when my mom is going to go back for good, I am going to go through this again… hmm… wish you all the very best in finding the best person who can take care of ur lil one…

  4. says

    It will get better, insyaAllah..I always believe that this kind of obstacles will only make you stronger as a family unit, and individually. It also cast light on life’s perspective and priority, as it does always in my struggles! I am bookmrking this for Ramadhan- as I know I won’t have enough delicious variety otherwise to feast the starved ones on table!

  5. says

    No TV? How old is your daughter? I have not read your last posts so don’t know the story behind the nannies but they should not have problem with camera or no hit policy. Every house has their own rules, which they should follow. I hope everything will work out fine this Chicken do pyaza looks fabulous.