Welcoming Ramadan with Warm Split Pea Salad With A Unique Dressing

Warm Split Pea Salad by With A Spin

The wonderful month of Ramadan is fast approaching.  Can’t believe it’s starting tomorrow.  I have very fond memories of Ramadan growing up and I still get super excited for Ramadan and Eid.  Along with the devotion to God, family-togetherness, gratitude and love during this special month still warm my heart – even today.  In this holy month, Muslims around the world abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activities during daytime.


Fasting or Sawm is one of the five pillars in Islam and obligated on all Muslims who have reached puberty. Muslims have Suhur or predawn meal and get together with families and friends for Iftar, the meal to break the fast in the evening.  Besides the five daily prayers, Taraweeh is a special nightly prayer that Muslims take part in during Ramadan.  Children, old, seriously sick, travelers do not need to fast but must make up the days after Ramadan.  Same goes for those who are pregnant or nursing.


Warm Split Pea Salad 2 by With A Spin


Ramadan provides significant opportunity to practice self control and to purify the soul, mind and body. One is able to fully focus on devotion to God by removing the worldly desires. Besides giving up eating and drinking, purging of impure thoughts and motivations such as anger, back biting, cursing, and greed is part of Ramadan practice which surely purifies the spirit.  A full stomach has no room for thought, humility or understanding the hungry.  In addition to understanding the hungry, fasting cleanses the body by giving our body a break from the continuous onslaught of food and drink.

Warm Split Pea Salad 4 by With A Spin

As you may have guesses, like any other holidays, food plays a huge role in Ramadan.  Special foods are prepared for suhur and iftar.  Bangladeshis, perhaps South Asians, are incredibly guilty of over indulgence during iftar.  Fried food and sweets dominates the Bangladeshi iftar scene.  I try to make the traditional iftar during weekends but during the weekdays, we break fast with water and dates.  After Maghrib, the evening prayer, we eat a simple dinner.  For suhur, we usually have a cup of milk or cereal.


I am hoping to post some Ramadan family favorites during this month as well as some recipes that I adopted over the years to stay away from the traditional fried favorites. Kicking things off, with a healthy warm split pea salad.  The tangy spicy salad is healthy for the body after day long fasting, at the same time delicious for the taste buds.


Warm Split Pea Salad 3 by With A Spin

I have created a Ramadan Special page where foods suitable for Ramadan are recommended.  The page is accessible from the right navigation panel right below the email subscription box.  There are also few guest posts lined up for the month from some incredibly talented bloggers.  I am also hoping to share 2-3 recipes from other blogs everyday in the Ramadan Special page.  Please stop by to get some inspiration for lunch, dinner or breakfast even if you do not observe Ramadan.  If you have a recipe(must be pork and alcohol free) that you think would be great for Ramadan, please feel free to let me know and I will consider to feature it in one of the days during Ramadan.


Wishing every one much joy, peace and happiness.





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  1. says

    Ramadan Kareem Lail! The chana salad looks great and I love imli chutney on everything!

    Hope your fasting goes well. I guess Texas starts tomorrow? I think Colorado is going by local sighting and chances are the moon will not be seen today, so Wednesday for us.


  2. says

    Nice to read about your customs and rituals Lail. The tamarind dressing sounds fantastic and the salad is a perfect dish to replenish nutrients after a fast!