Empanadas, Worldly Hand Pies – Guest post by Jehanne, The Cooking Doctor

Empanadas on With A Spin

I have known Jehanne, The Cooking Doctor, for under one year but it feels like I have known her for a long time.  This warm and passionate heart surgeon is also an enthusiastic baker, food blogger, mother and wife all in one.  That’s not where she stops.  She has already published 4 mini cookbooks and few more are in the horizon.


You will be amazed how this multi talented doctor swaps her medical instruments at her day job as a doctor to kitchen utensils in the evening and creates magical treatment of healthy treats for her family, which she shares in her blog, The Cooking Doctor.  Though I have never met Jehanne, our common struggles as working moms has created a circle of bonding between us.  We sometimes chat during late nights/early mornings like old friends.  It’s amazing how you find good friends at the most unusual way.

Let me stop here and kick of the weekly Ramadan guest post series starting with Jehanne. 


I have known Lail only through the blog world, but it seems as if I have known her for a long time, like a girl next door.  I like her passion for authentic Bangladeshi food, and her posts speaks a volume about her passion for cooking too.

When Lail asked me to guest post on her lovely space, I could not be more excited. I wanted to create something that fits the bill, something which is traditional and dear to my heart yet at the same time worldly, and full of continental flavors.

Empanadas (2) on With A Spin

Empanadas 3 on With A Spin

I blogged about curry puffs a while back and in fact was one of the posts that I wrote for Honest Cooking magazine.  Growing up, I was not familiar with puff pastries but these puffs, oh yes.  Made from scratch using only shortening and flour, these hand pies would be welcomed as afternoon snack on rainy days, filler in lunch boxes and even breakfast. It was only much later that I realized the concept of hand pies are universally similar, with Empanadas being the equivalent in Spanish or South American countries.

The filling varies between vegan, vegetarian and meaty options but the outer flaky layers remain almost similar. Some are baked, some are deep fried.  Despite the variations, they all convey the message of homey goodness, and snacks made to be shared.

Empanadas (4) on With A Spin

Making the Empanadas from scratch is a must for Ramadhan in our house, and I bet if you like samosas, you would love this too. This time around, I used spiced potato and egg filling to suit both vegetarian and non-veg palates. They make a beautiful Iftar platter, and healthier baked than deep fried.  For classic Empanada look, I use fork to crimp the edges together, this is also a twist from traditional Malaysian curry puffs whereby the edges are twisted together using hand.

I would like to thank Lail for the generous invite to grace her lovely space here, really appreciate it my friend! I hope your readers will try out this wonderful savoury snack for Ramadhan idea and beyond.

Thank you Jehanne, for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this wonderful post for my humble blog.  Words can’t thank you enough, my friend.

To my readers –

If you have never visited Jehanne’s blog before, may I take this opportunity to request that you head over there right away to find all the amazing recipes and baking tips she shares.

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  1. Sugar et al says

    Wow! They look delicious Jehanne. I bet they will be over in no time. I love that it is a baked and the filling is easy to put together.
    Lail, agree with you on the friendships formed along the way, in the most unsusal but amazing way:-)

  2. says

    Great looking empanadas Jehanne! Perfect for iftar. It’s pretty amazing the friendships one forms without even meeting someone. That is my most favourite part of blogging and why I continue to do it. Great guest post Lail.


  3. says

    We love empanadas, but haven’t seen them since we left Texas. Thanks so much for the recipe for the crust. And, more importantly, I’m so glad these are baked instead of fried. So much healthier. What a great idea to serve them for breakfast. I’m definitely pinning this.