Tandoori Fried Chicken, Guest post by Lubna of Yummy Food

Tandoori fried chicken on With A Spin

It was during the early days of my blogging, last fall, when I first stumbled upon Lubna’s blog, Yummy Food.  I instantly fell for her photography and then came to learn about her Joy from Fasting to Feasting event.  When I was thinking of asking a few bloggers to grace my tiny blog space for Ramadan inspired recipes, Lubna’s name immediately came to mind.  She is a seasoned blogger and shares deliciousness on her blog like this tandoori fried chicken.  Tandoori and fried, both are winners and combined together.  Check out her blog sometimes to discover the many more amazing recipes she share.  Let’s proceed with what Lubna has to say about Ramadan and her favorite Ramadan recipe.

Ramadan Kareem to all. The word Ramadan brings many fond memories to me. I remember my college days where we, bunch of Muslim friends, use to gather up on the terrace of computer coaching class to break fast. As we were allowed a half hour break during the class, we used to go to the terrace and break fast with dates and glass of plain water. Then we used to perform Magreeb namaz and then take quick bites of somosa or puff and run for the class. Though this seems to be bit hectic, I loved that period…sitting with friends, talking, eating, learning new things about religion, namaz, etc….

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After marriage, it was totally a different story.  Being in nuclear family, Ramadan was very simple, husband use to leave office early and come home with snacks for Iftaar or sometimes I use to make pakoda’s.  As a new bride, my cooking skills were very poor.  Sometimes after Iftaar and namaz, me and my husband used to go out for dinner or order something.  By next Ramadan, I was so perfect enough to whisk up so many dishes that my husband and mom are proud of. Now I know my recipes which are healthy, simple and perfect for Iftaar and many recipes which can be made in no time. As Ramadan is the time where you pay much attention on reciting Quran and doing Namaz rather than spending hours on cooking, I limit my cooking time this period by  choosing on recipes which are less time consuming and can be made with minimal ingredients….and also I choose on the recipes which leave me filling.

Tandoori fried chicken on With A Spin


When Lail asked me to send across one of my recipe which I love cooking during Ramadan, then I thought of sending across a simple menu which I make more often during Ramadan and it makes a perfect and filling dinner. This is an evergreen combo to me and I make this very often during Ramdan.  Egg Fried Rice, which is simple and satisfying, along with Tandoori Fried Chicken, which is spicy and scrumptious. This combo makes an indulging meal; you can even make this for sehri.


Do check out Joy From Fasting To Feasting – VI, a global Ramadan event where I am showcasing esteemed Muslim Food Bloggers round the globe with their favourite Ramadan recipes and Ramadan celebrations at their place. Do visit my blog ‘YUMMY FOOD’ to know more. Happy Fasting!

Thank you so much, Lubna for the delicious chicken recipe.  Can’t wait to try.


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  1. says

    Salam Lail, Thanks a ton for giving me this opportunity to guest post on this lovely space….Happy to be part of Ramadan celebrations at your space….Hugs…

  2. says

    Tandoori is awesome and totally great comfort food, especially if you’re fasting all day. Congrats on your culinary evolution and eid mabrouk!