Ghugni – Brown Chickpeas Snack

Bengal Gram curry by With A Spin

Back with another Ramadan must have recipes for iftar.  Ghugni, a dry curry made of Bengal gram or brown chickpeas, is a common dish during Ramadan in every Bangladeshi home.  Traditionally, it’s best served with muri(puffed rice).  If you do not find good quality muri at your nearest Bangladeshi or Indian supermarket, you can try Rice Krispies cereal.  However, cucumber or tomato also works great to enjoy this protein rich legume snack.

Brown chickpea curry by With A Spin

Muri and ghugni is so popular at my home that I cook it at least once a month.  I use a pressure cooker to boil the brown chickpeas but if you are using a regular pan, it may take anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour to soften the chickpeas.  I usually boil a large quantity of chickpeas and freeze in smaller portions so that I can takeout a portion and just make the ghugni whenever the craving strikes.

Chickpea curry by With A Spin

You can always substitute with regular chickpeas but the traditional dish is made of the firmer and slightly nutty flavored Bengal Gram.


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      Amy, you can make ghugni with the regular chickpeas as well. Traditionally, the brown ones are used but I’ve made with the regular ones many times.

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      Thank you, Tina. Ghugni can definitely be made of the regular chick peas as well but the texture and taste will be a slightly different than the traditional one. I’ve made with regular chick peas couple of times. Hope you get to try some.

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    these black chana are my all time favorite! Here in NYC there is a small bangladeshi lunch spot but its a bit of a walk for me from office. I always go there for this “ghugni”. The person there also adds jalapenos to it – just perfect for me!

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      Pishi – Kemon achen? What a great surprise! How are you? So glad you like it. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I think it’s time someone does justice to Bangladeshi cuisine and take the effort to present it to the world. Love you back.

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    Loved this simple recipe,my husband is from Bihar and I am from Assam, we both love muri and channa as an evening snack.I also sometimes serve this with hot boiled rice and a salad.

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      Hello Nima. Ghugni is a very popular item at my home. We love it with muri. Once in a while, we add some chanachur or a side of cucumber. Never tried with rice. It’s an interesting idea and will have to try it sometimes.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a note. Thank you. Have a fabulous weekend. I hope to see you around soon again.


  1. […] Ghugni or curried chickpeas is a must for every Bangladeshi home to break the fast.  I serve this delicious protein rich ghugni atleast 4 times a week during Ramadan.  To make the preparation and cleanup easy, I boil a large batch and freeze in portions.  Every 3-4 days, I take out a portion and make the ghugni with the tender brown chickpeas for, you guessed right, 3-4 days. […]