You Say Samosa, I Say Shingara – Fennel infused Sweet Potato, Cauliflower filled Baked Shingara

Sweet potato and cauliflower samosa by With A Spin


Time-consuming cooking is not in my radar these days.  There’s a lot going on with Ramadan, training a new caregiver for R, work and everyday life, in general, so I am all for easy, make ahead food.  As much as I like to make food from scratch, I am very fond of semi homemade cooking as well.  Semi homemade food saves me time and also gives me the option to put something healthy on the table for the family instead of relying on take-outs or restaurant eating.  If you are time pressed as I am, I am sure you appreciate semi homemade food too.

Sweet potato samosa by With A Spin

Samosas do not need an introduction.  However, shingaras do.  The immensely popular samosa in the western world is known as Shingara in Bangladesh.  Potatoes are a must with the crunch of peanuts in traditional Bangladeshi shingara.  The peanuts usually have the brown skin on and fried in oil a little and mixed with the filling.  I decided to add some sweet potatoes and fennel in the mix and the end result was absolutely awesome light, crispy shingaras bustling with flavors.  You can also use the filling from the artistic sandwich for the samosa if you don’t have sweet potatoes or fennel seeds in the pantry but I highly recommend this flavorful filling.

Baked samosa/shingara by With A Spin

Now, let’s move on to the dough, shall we?  To keep the entire process simple during this hectic phase of life(when is it not hectic?? Duh!!), I used store bought uncooked flour tortilla.  Cooked flour tortillas will work as well but I prefer the uncooked ones.  Granted store bought tortillas do not give the traditional flaky texture to the singara but it does the work when you are time pressed and do not want to deal with kneading dough.  Traditionally, shingaras are deep-fried but I usually bake them to keep the recipe healthy, the making process simple and save some cooking time by letting the samosa bake itself.

Vegetarian samosa by With A Spin

Enjoy and spread the love!





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  1. says

    Potato, sweet potato, cilantro, cauliflower, fennel … all my favorite ingredients and flavors are waltzing in your gorgeous Shingaras :) How insanely good is that!

    Appetite-inducing images :)

  2. says

    I find myself making a lot of semi-homemade stuff. It brings out my most creative best. Just like you, Im time pressed with a toddler, work and home and everything else and meals need to be no more than 30-45 mins. I’ve had samosas on my mind for a while, these look like a great variety. I’ve never seen uncooked tortillas in the supermarket – need to look closer.
    Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

  3. says

    These look very good and I can imagine them disappearing very quickly especially if put in front of a crowd of starving teenagers. I love how you made them with tortillas – anything time-saving is a bonus! xx

  4. says

    Lovely recipe. I like semi-homemade recipe a lot too, especially with busy schedule. It’s great that you baked these instead of deep fried. I like this healthier option way better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jas@AbsolutelyJas says

    Oh yummmm!!! I adore samosas – I’ve had ‘real’ samosas in India, but haven’t had the privilege of visiting Bangladesh to try a ‘real’ Shingara. Your recipe sounds fabulous – these are going on my ‘need to cook’ list, somewhere near the top!

    • says

      Jas, Shingara’s have a bit thicker wrap than the samosas you find in India(I had the ‘real ones in India as well). I hope you get to try some and fall in love as most Bangladeshis are in love with these. I’ll have the recipe for the classic recipe up sometimes soon.