A Perfect Cake to Celebrate a Special Two Year Old

Zucchini Carrot Cake | With A Spin

Good memories are priceless. A smile. A Laugh. Sincere hugs. Heartfelt kisses. Wishing Happy Birthday!! A cake!

A very special someone is growing up too fast.  She turned two a month ago, and mommy made this special cake for her, full of vegetables and good oil to celebrate her.


Toddler Birthday Cake | With A Spin

A cake that is made with love.  A cake that makes a special someone feel more special.  A cake that pleases and makes that loved one feel happy, special and above all loved.  A cake that is good for any two years old and good for you.


Two year birthday cake | With A Spin

Here’s to wishing her many more fabulous minutes, hours, days, months, years and decades surrounded by much love and blessings.




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  1. denverista12 says

    What a cute idea for a cake. I have an abundance of zucchini I was wondering what to do with. Perhaps, I will bake a cake or two and freeze them for a later date.

  2. says

    happy birthday to the little one! I love that you made her a healthy cake which I’m sure tasted great too!

    I’m stopping by from the blogelina commentathon!

    ~ Dara

  3. says

    Happy birthday to your little girl! She’s lucky to have such a thoughtful mum who looks after her health and loves her very much. The cake looks beautiful and delicious! Would it work with honey instead of sugar to make it even healthier?

    • says

      I actually have been thinking of trying honey on my next cake. I am sure the carrot-zucchini cake can be made with honey but the measurement would probably need to be adjusted. I would love to know if you tried this cake with honey. Thank you for your comment and stopping by.

  4. says

    Interesting recipe! We have a few food allergies so our cake recipe looks different (no eggs, for one). Have you ever done beets in chocolate cake? The kids love making that because the batter is a beautiful purple until it bakes.

  5. says

    Happy Birthday to your little one! Good for you for making a healthy cake to celebrate! It looks delicious and I love that it is full of vegetables rather than a bunch of fat.

  6. says

    Happy birthday to the little cutie patootie. Nice healthy cake. My daughter would love that (she’s 8) Start them young and they’ll appreciate all the great tastes food has to offer.

  7. says

    Happy birthday to your little one! I’ve never had a zucchini cake before, but it sounds delicious! I do love Mascarpone cheese, that must give it such a nice rich creamy flavor!