Sweet Potato Au Gratin with Panch Foron

Scalloped Sweet Potato with Panch Foron | With A Spin

What about giving the sweet potatoes a savory treatment?  Roasted until tender and slightly caramelized, then tossed in crushed red chili, sliced onions, green pepper, Parmesan cheese and some panch foron.  Baked again, creating a wonderfully balanced sweet-savory, aromatic side dish.  Hold on.  What?  Bengali aromatic five spice, panch foron, in a gratin that originated in France?  Tantalizing, right?

Sweet Potato Gratin with Panch Foron | With A Spin


Scalloped Sweet Potato with Panch Foron | With A Spin


The flavorful and aromatic Bengali panch foron fusion with cheese in this sweet potato gratin results in a gorgeous, delightful, satisfying dish.  Parmesan cheese scattered over the sweet potatoes during the final 15 minutes of baking creates a delectable, crispy-chewy topping.

Sweet potato gratin with panch foron | With A Spin

The Bengali panch foron or five spices are always used whole.  The spice mix is generally a mixture of cumin seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seed, nigella seeds and radhuni.  Black mustard seeds are often swapped for radhuni as radhuni may be hard to find in the Western world.  All of these should be available at Bangladeshi/Indian markets or a good spice shop.

Twice baked potato | With A Spin

Scalloped Potato with Panch Foron | With A Spin


Whether you call it sweet potato au gratin, scalloped sweet potato or baked potato, this dish is a sophisticated alternative to traditional sweet potato dishes.  With the softness of the potatoes, the satisfyingly crispy-chewy topping, the Bengali aromatic Panch foron flavor, the sweet-savory taste, this sweet potato gratin is the perfect way to round up your meal, be it the Thanksgiving meal, meal for any other holiday or just a meal to make any regular day a special day.  Enjoy this dish with all of your senses!




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    • says

      I love simple, not so complicated recipes. This one, as you said is healthy too. Thank you for your kind words and constant support Daniela. Have a fantastic weekend.

    • says

      Hey – yes it is. I don’t remember how I own that book. I usually remember when someone gives me something as gift, so I know it wasn’t a gift. I didn’t buy it either, so the book is creepy. Have you ever used any recipe from the book? I have never even tried to read any of the recipe from the book. Is any of the recipes any good?

      • says

        This is the first recipe book that I ever owned (it was actually a photocopy, cause they temporarily stopped printing the original), I eventually found the original! Its written by south african women and it has really good desi recipes, because they moved before the seperation. Its the must have book in any desi house back home. It even has recipes for mass cooking (100+), that my mom used when cooking for my gaye holud and I used dessert recipes for my wedding desserts. Flip through it when you get a chance, some recipes might catch your eye too!

        • says

          Will have to look at it. Thank you for the recommendation. Our family kitchen bible has always been Siddika Kabi’rs book. I am grateful to her as I developed my cooking skills using her book :)

          • says

            I have the bangla Siddika Kabir,(my mom gave it to me as a joke when I got married, cause I can’t read bangla) and also the simpler english one. But I like this book much more for desi cooking, it might be because the recipes have been modified for locally available ingredients. I hope you find a few food recipes in there! Have a great thanksgiving!

  1. Eha says

    As I simply could not live without sweet potatoes this is a very welcome recipe addition! Have not used green peppers in my recipe either . . . Living semi-rurally would have to mix my own panch foron but do have all the elements in my pantry! Looks great and shall be tried 😉 !

    • says

      Eha – Thank you so much for coming over. I am glad to hear that you’ll try out this recipe. I would love to know how you like the dish when you try it :)

      Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. says

    I really like savory sweet potato dishes, including nice gratins like this. I love all the spices in it! Something I haven’t done in this sort of gratin, but need to try. Thanks so mluch.

    • says

      Thank you, Liz. This dish was put together in a whim and it become so good that we made it a second time on the same week :) Glad you love the colors, I do too. Thank you so much.

  3. Puja @ Indiaphile.info says

    This looks great! I just bought nigella seeds and cooked with them for the first time. I absolutely loved them! I’ve never had panch foron but really want to make some. Would you use all the spices in equal proportions?
    Thanks! :)

    • says

      Hi Puja. Yes, you can use all the spices in equal proportions. If you like nigella seeds, I can tell you’ll love the additional seeds in panch foron too. Have you seen my oatmeal cookie with nigella?

      Thank you puja.

  4. says

    This recipe sounds delicious and love the new spin you took on it. I liked it so much I mentioned it on my blog as a Thanksgiving alternative recipe. Wishing you a super week. BAM